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Get Your Star Trek Games Working For Mac Computers And Watch Star Trek Games Online!

I'm Geoffrey Pyrzynski (Geoffresh as my online alias goes) and I'm here to get those old Star Trek games working on your newer computer systems.

Specifically though - I'm working to get them on the Mac! It's an added level of difficulty that I'm ready to take on. So follow along as I do my best to get them working and play through them again.

I've always loved the old Star Trek games. I first got into Star Trek Games when I got Star Trek Starfleet Academy as a gift one year. Since then, the Star Trek Universe has always mesmerized me and I loved exploring what it had to offer.

Now many years have gone by and I find myself looking to play these fun old Star Trek Games that I played as a kid. 

I've now switched from windows computers to mac computers and I wanted to see if I can get these old star trek games that worked for windows computers to work for the MacOS. Some of these games go as far back as Windows 95! So join me on my trek to get these old star trek games working for newer systems like Mac OSX El Capitain. I will be updating the OS to the latest Mac OS as it gets released so this mission is going to last years!

Watch Star Trek Games online

After getting the games working for the mac, I also like to play through them to see how they perform for mac computers. Overall I have been very impressed with their performance as I have been screen recording and playing through the games on the same computer. Some set ups have a screen recorder outside of the computer so as not to impeed any performance. So far, Ive been very impressed that the games will run fine but they will also play out at maximum settings while being recorded!

New Star Trek Games Online Every Week

I hope you enjoy this fun project I've taken on. Check back every week for new "how to" videos, mission playthroughs, and even demos of the games!

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  • In Star Trek Elite Force 2 Part 7 Dallas Part 2 - Fellow Youtuber helps me out by giving me the location of the last golden starship. Thank you so much Digifreak! You are still looking for the Dallas crew - restore power and then make you way to the bridge, but
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  • In Star Trek Elite Force 2 Part 6: Dallas Part 1 you explore the damaged ship - the Dallas after a distress call. There looks to be sometihing that chewed through the hull! Watch out for these strange creatures that are hiding in the ship. I was able to find 2
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  • In Star Trek Elite Force 2 Part 5: First Time On The Enterprise E You get to know your new ship you will be serving on. This starship is MASSIVE and very sleek looking. It also has a mistake hidden in the game. There was supposed to be 1 secret
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  • In Star Trek Elite Force 2 Part 4 Starfleet Academy, you are back on Earth and ready to get your next assignment. The only problem is - they want to break up your team! See if you can file an appeal and talk to some higher ups to see if you
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  • In this special Father's Day 2018 episode of Star Trek Elite Force 2 Part 3 Borg Boss - we take on the big daddy of them all - the Advanced Borg Drone. This thing creeps me out and I found something that little me didn't notice before - the adaptive nodes! Destroying those
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  • In Star Trek Elite Force 2 Mission 2: Borg Sphere Part 1, you find yourself deep inside a Borg Sphere that has captured Voyager! You must help the captured starship out by disabling 3 dampening field generators. Watch out as the Borg will try to assimilate you and adapt to
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  • Get your training in and find the first golden starship in Star Trek Elite Force 2! In Star Trek Elite Force 2 Mission 1: Training Geoffrey states the new mission video format and asks for help finding the golden starships in Star Trek Elite Force 2. Please let me know
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  • Star Trek Elite Force II

    2018-06-01 21:39:04
    Get Star Trek Elite Force II Working For Mac Computers Star Trek Elite Force II was one of my favorite games. It had first person shooter action on a very well balanced (and coded) game system. This game takes you on a journy from the delta quadrent all the way
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  • In Star Trek New Worlds Klingon Mission 6: Knowledge Is Power, you attempt to save a data core from a destroyed Klingon fleet that fell to this world. It is a Metar stronghold with Taubat as well. There will be a great deal of harassment from both sides, and the
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