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Star Trek New Worlds on Mac Computers

Star Trek New Worlds

This game has been one of the most saught after games for me. Since I heard about it in a computer game magazine, I wanted to play it from all the good things I heard about it in the ads. This was way back before my home had DSL or cable internet, so when I wanted to investigagte for myself, it was difficult. We were on dial up so in order to see any video of the gameplay, I needed to download a very large video file. I couldn't really do that since we needed to have the phone line not tied up. So I only new about the wonderful things that I heard about it in the ads.

I Was Wrong About How Good Star Trek New Worlds Was

When little me finally saved up enough allowance to buy this game, I ran to the store, bought it at the full price, and was very excited to get this game working at home. When I got home one of the first things that I noticed was the instruction manual. I also saw a large diagram that showed all of the different buildings and tanks that you can build in this video game. I didn't realize it at the time but it seems like all of the tanks were the same across all of the different races. I was more excited to get the game working right away. I immediately put the game into the family's windows ME machine and started the install process. I was surprised to learn that the first time I tried to install the game there was an error. So in standard Windows fashion I did a restart, an uninstall, restart again, and a clean install of game. This time I got the game working.

I was so excited for the opening sequence, though the characters did look a little rubbery I still watched with amazement. I was a little bit confused on how to get to the first mission. Usually there is a "campaign" mode similar to the "Star Craft" game that is advertised on the box. I tried to go through the tutorial but the tutorial seemed to be a bit buggy so I stopped. I went to the first mission and by that point I had already been "playing" the game for about an hour or at least trying to get this game to work. I started at the first mission and I was immediately confused what do I do from here? It was dinner time by now so I went to save the game and I found that there isn't a save button.

I was not fuly detered by this. I did try for the next week to get through the first mission. It was very odd that the tutorials didn't really work well and I ended up spending so much time in the first mission that it took me a full week to get through it. From there, I would randomly encounter a bug in the game where the tanks would just get stuck, the game would freeze or just crash. After about a month, I gave up. 

I wanted to get Star Trek New Worlds working for the mac to see if it would actually run better than how it did on Windows.

Plus I wanted to see if it really was as bad as I remember. I wanted to take a look at this from a new eyes standpoint. Maybe after all of these years and playing other games, I woudl be better at it? Maybe the original OS that I had this running on was contributing to the game being so buggy? Was it really as bad as I remember? Well the install of it wasn't as bad, but as soon as I launched it, there was issues right out of the gate. 

How to Install Star Trek New Worlds On A Mac Computer



  1. Install CrossOver onto your mac. At the time of this writing use verison 15.3.1 as the versions has an issue with the game
  2. Go to old-games.com and download Star Trek New Worlds (The team here made a few corrections to the game to help it run)
  3. Open the installer and create a new windows 98 bottle
  4. Continue through the install steps
  5. This is where things get weird - when the game starts you will see a black screen - hit "CMD + tab" to get back to your desktop 
  6. On your desktop, you should see an error box. Click "OK" on this box
  7. hit "CMD+tab" and keep hitting tab until you see the game or go to your dock and click on the game
  8. Enjoy playing the game!




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