Star Trek New Worlds on Mac Computers

Star Trek New Worlds

This game has been one of the most saught after games for me. Since I heard about it in a computer game magazine, I wanted to play it from all the good things I heard about it in the ads. This was way back before my home had DSL or cable internet, so when I wanted to investigagte for myself, it was difficult. We were on dial up so in order to see any video of the gameplay, I needed to download a very large video file. I couldn't really do that since we needed to have the phone line not tied up. So I only new about the wonderful things that I heard about it in the ads.

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I Was Wrong About How Good Star Trek New Worlds Was

When little me finally saved up enough allowance to buy this game, I ran to the store, bought it at the full price, and was very excited to get this game working at home. When I got home one of the first things that I noticed was the instruction manual. I also saw a large diagram that showed all of the different buildings and tanks that you can build in this video game. I didn't realize it at the time but it seems like all of the tanks were the same across all of the different races. I was more excited to get the game working right away. I immediately put the game into the family's windows ME machine and started the install process. I was surprised to learn that the first time I tried to install the game there was an error. So in standard Windows fashion I did a restart, an uninstall, restart again, and a clean install of game. This time I got the game working.

I was so excited for the opening sequence, though the characters did look a little rubbery I still watched with amazement. I was a little bit confused on how to get to the first mission. Usually there is a "campaign" mode similar to the "Star Craft" game that is advertised on the box. I tried to go through the tutorial but the tutorial seemed to be a bit buggy so I stopped. I went to the first mission and by that point I had already been "playing" the game for about an hour or at least trying to get this game to work. I started at the first mission and I was immediately confused what do I do from here? It was dinner time by now so I went to save the game and I found that there isn't a save button.

I was not fuly detered by this. I did try for the next week to get through the first mission. It was very odd that the tutorials didn't really work well and I ended up spending so much time in the first mission that it took me a full week to get through it. From there, I would randomly encounter a bug in the game where the tanks would just get stuck, the game would freeze or just crash. After about a month, I gave up. 

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I wanted to get Star Trek New Worlds working for the mac to see if it would actually run better than how it did on Windows.

Plus I wanted to see if it really was as bad as I remember. I wanted to take a look at this from a new eyes standpoint. Maybe after all of these years and playing other games, I woudl be better at it? Maybe the original OS that I had this running on was contributing to the game being so buggy? Was it really as bad as I remember? Well the install of it wasn't as bad, but as soon as I launched it, there was issues right out of the gate. 

How to Install Star Trek New Worlds On A Mac Computer



  1. Install CrossOver onto your mac. At the time of this writing use verison 15.3.1 as the versions has an issue with the game
  2. Go to and download Star Trek New Worlds (The team here made a few corrections to the game to help it run)
  3. Open the installer and create a new windows 98 bottle
  4. Continue through the install steps
  5. This is where things get weird - when the game starts you will see a black screen - hit "CMD + tab" to get back to your desktop 
  6. On your desktop, you should see an error box. Click "OK" on this box
  7. hit "CMD+tab" and keep hitting tab until you see the game or go to your dock and click on the game
  8. Enjoy playing the game!