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Relive the fun of Starfleet Academy on Mac OS

Star Trek Starfleet Academy was the Star Trek game that set me on my path over 20 years ago. Little me received this game as a present from my dad on Christmas 1997. I did not know much about this game (it wasn't even on my Christmas Wish List), nor did I know much about Star Trek at the time, but I did know that I was hooked once I started playing it.

Playing Star Trek Starfleet Academy

This game is a massive 5 disk set - 6 disks if you get the expansion - and as a little kid, it set off in my mind that this game was going to be the longest, most intense, awe inspiring epic of a game ever. I wasn't wrong though, this game does sport live action sequences that just blew me away. I did get into other computer games and the graphics of theirs didn't hold up to this game I found myself continuously going back to Star Trek Starfleet Academy.

I didn't just keep coming back for the graphics, I was also coming back for the story. Star Trek Starfleet Academy also offered something very interesting - where you can "choose your path" though the story. Selecting specific things to say to your crew or maybe actions you take in the simulator control room can influence your story. Maybe you end up getting special commendations from Kirk, Sulu, or Checkov - or maybe you end up not graduating at the top of your class. All of these little touch points along the way make a big difference in the story. So big that I didn't even know there was a secret ending to this game!

Getting Star Trek Starfleet Academy To Work On The Mac

Over the years I eventually moved away from the windows operating system to the Macintosh operating system. I started out with OS X Leopard and upgraded to Snow Leopard, then Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, and at the time of this writing - OS X El Capitan. That's a great deal of operating systems! But this does hold true, once I was able to get the game working on Mavericks, I was able to keep the game working for generation after generation of operating systems. 

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Installation Of Cross Over

I used Cross Over to get this game working for the mac operating system. Even with the assistance I did encounter some issues. Cross over initially installs the game as a windows XP game, but you can "downgrade it" to Windows 98. This game was built for Windows 95 and it would not install correctly unless it was installed with the windows 98 OS as it's "bottle."

In addition, the games CD management system was very picky as well. This game was designed during a time when having more than 1 CD drive was only for the super extravagant computer user and if you don't have the CD loaded into the drive labeled as "D" or "E" the game would not detect the CD. Luckily Cross over games would allow for the CD drive letter to be changed.

How To Install Star Trek Starfleet Academy

  1. Install Cross Over
  2. Open Cross Over and insert the CD 1 into your drive
  3. When the installation screen appears, type in "Star Trek Starfleet Academy" into the dialogue box asking what application you wish to install.
  4. Follow the installation instructions until you get to the part where it asked to install into a "New Windows XP bottle". Ensure you change this option to "Windows 98 Bottle" or it will not proceed with the installation.
  5. When ready hit install.
  6. The regular installation screen will appear. Click the "Install Direct 3D" option
  7. After the game installs correctly, open cross over and select the Star Trek Starfleet Academy Bottle you just made.
  8. In the Control Panels, scroll down to reveal the "Wine Configuration" panel. Open this and change "Windows Version" To 'Windows 95".
  9. Click on "Drives" and ensure that your CD is in the D or E drive and hit apply / OK
  10. Play the game!


Have fun! 

 Star Trek Starfleet Academy Chekov's Lost Missions

In addition to the original game, I was able to get Chekov's lost missions working as well! If you follow the same installation proceedure listed above, you will be able to play the expansion as well. Be sure to first install Star Trek Starfleet Academy before trying to install the expansion Chekov's Lost Missions. 

These missions are more difficutly and in some cases longer than the ones you have during your regular academy term. They are very fun and more complex.  We also did a walk through on this expansion as well!

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