Starfleet Command 1 Gold Edition For Mac

Star Trek Starfleet Comand 1 Gold Edition for macI have never played starfleet command 1 before, so I was intrigued when I noticed that on the good old games website, it was avialable for download. I have played maybe 15 - 20 minutes of this and it looks to be very story driven. I've heard that the second game in the series was a massive improvement over this game, so I was excited to see how different they are. I've only ever played the second game, so it was interesting to see how the interface was very much different for each race and how the layout was very different as well. 

Good Old Games also updated the installer to work on newer operating systems, so I was excited to see if the install would go smoother. 

How To Install Starfleet Command 1 Gold Edition On A Mac


  1. Download and install Cross Over
  2. Download Starfleet Command 1 Gold Edition from good old games
  3. Open the installer
  4. Give the bottle a name (Like Star Trek Starfleet Command 1)
  5. Go to the select bottle type and select "windows 7"
  6. Click install
  7. Follow the on screen instructions and click next when needed
  8. Do not install Direct X
  9. When the installer is done, you will see a few error messages, but ignore them and make sure to exit - NOT LAUNCH
  10. After cross over completes, you may select the launcher in the bottle and play the game!