Starfleet Command 2 For Mac

Star Trek Starfleet Command 2 For MacI picked up Starfleet Command 2 when I purchased Klingon Academy. Originally, the game did not work for me. Turns out, it was shipped with faulty disks. Luckily after speaking with the game store manager, I was able to exchange this game for another copy and luckily, it worked! This is a more polished version of Star Trek Starfleet Command 1, with better graphics, better menus, and more starship variants. 

This game is based off of a tabletop game called starfleet battles. Therefore, it will feel very much like a "roll the dice" chance game at times with interesting takes on game speed. You can set the game to speed level 1 and the game will look like it's paused, but you will be able to make as many of your micromanagement changes as you need. If you set it to 11, the game become so fast it's nearly unplayable - unless your ship is so strong it can just take on anything on the field.

Just like the first game in the series, you can control nearly every aspect of your ship, from power management, marines, shuttles, shields, and weapons. There is also a storyline narrated by Sulu!

How to install Starfleet Command 2 On A Mac


  1. Install Cross Over
  2. Insert disk 1 and start the install process from CrossOver (or make images of both disks and mount them - better choice)
  3. Make sure to install the game into a windows 7 bottle
  4. Install the game as normal
  5. When the "need the next disk" dialogue box appears, select the other drive you have your disk in (you may have to manually change the drive letter)
  6. Continue with the install - do NOT install direct x
  7. do not try to run the game just yet, instead go to configure Starfleet Command 2 and make sure you have DirectDraw HAL selected with a resolution of 1024 x 768
  8. run the game and enjoy!